Marin biochemistry and biotechnology


Di Donato Paola Di Donato

Paola Di Donato

University of Naples Parthenope, Italy


Marine environments harbour a variety of organisms that in turn produce a wide array of molecules that can find application in several fields, from biotechnology to medicine.

The study of chemical pathways, and related products, from marine organisms including microorganisms and microalgae, is therefore the focus of attention in relation either to the production of new marketable products (from molecules to enzymes) or for the implementation of innovative biotechnologies.

Marine biochemistry and marine biotechnology can potentially open the way to a more sustainable management of marine resources.


Here are some examples of accepted topics:

  • New marine organisms identification;
  • New marine microorganisms identification;
  • Biotechnology;
  • Exopolysaccarides;
  • Enzymes;
  • Biologically active compounds.


Paola Di Donato is Professor in Biochemistry, Department of Science and Technology of “Parthenope” University of Naples, Italy and Associate Researcher Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry, National Research Council of Italy. Graduated in Organic and Biological Chemistry, her main research sectors are: Study of Extremophilic microorganisms from soils and from marine environments; Astrobiology; re-use of vegetable biomass. The Recent Scientific Activities include: Study of microbial exopolysaccharides form soil or marine bacteria (with particular regard to those from the extremophilic microorganisms); Study of biological and biotechnological applications of biomolecules (polysaccharides and polyphenols) from agroindustry wastes; Study of extremophiles’ adaptation in simulated or real space conditions.